beach and jungle in Uvita

Tour List

The perfect adventure tour for thrill-seekers and families alike! This ATV tour will take you deep into the jungle and offers fantastic ocean views.

USD150 / per person

This tour will offer you some of the best views in all of Costa Rica! Enjoy a morning or a sunset tour on board this fantastic and well-equipped catamaran to create some of the most amazing memories of your trip!

USD92 / per person

Discover the ancient secrets and techniques of processing cocoa beans and making chocolate.

USD35 / per person

Searching for an authentic Costarican experience? Go high up in the mountains to learn everything about the coffee-making process. You will be in great hands with Deiner and his family!

USD30 / per person

For all true nature lovers and those of you looking to go off-grid, this is your chance to experience something unique and explore one of the most spectacular places on Earth!

USD150 / per person

Horseback riding is a fantastic way to be in harmony with nature and explore the jungle. An authentic experience not to be missed!

USD65 / per person

Take part in an adventure like no other! Discover the fascinating life of the mangroves or enjoy some snorkeling by the famous Whale's Tail Beach. There is a kayak or SUP tour for everyone, whatever your level and whatever experience you are looking for!

USD70 / per person

If you like magic encounters and authentic landscapes, this boat tour will be a highlight of your vacation in Costa Rica.

USD65 / per person

This National Park is a great opportunity to spot wildlife and enjoy some beach time, all that in a truly amazing environment!

USD30 / per person

Different boat tours are available whether you want to scuba dive, snorkel, explore the mangrove, do some specialized whale watching, or search for huge pods of dolphins. Surrounded by passionate naturalists and marine biologists, each tour is a great way to learn a lot and have fun at the same time!

USD120 / per person

Two stunning and powerful waterfalls surrounded by the rainforest! It’s a dream come true to visit some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the entire country!

USD80 / per person

This is a unique experience for nature lovers looking for out-of-the-ordinary encounters. Amphibians and reptiles enthusiasts will be especially delighted!

USD40 / per person