panoramic view of Ojochal beach with driftwood

Playa Tortuga

Totuga Beach in Ojochal

This is a perfect beach for those of you who want to go off-the-beaten tracks. Come here at low tide, and you’ll be able to go for a long walk. This beach is never busy and not so welcoming but worth a stop for all the hikers and Nature lovers.

The first thing you will find when you arrive is a river which can be nice and refreshing for a swim, but always be careful as there have been reports of crocodiles here! There is always a way to cross it, so you can choose to go North – at low tide ONLY – and see the caves. It’s a long walk of about 30 minutes each way with no shade, so be prepared and bring some water! Or if you go South from the parking area you will enter the estuary of the Terraba river. It’s really nice and peaceful and usually a fantastic spot for birders. There’s also lots of driftwood carried by the river which makes every visit so authentic and unique.

Now, this is a beach called Turtle Beach for a reason. There are indeed olive Riddley turtles nesting between June and December (best season in September and October). However if this is what you are really interested in, contact the team at the Reserve of Playa Tortuga (RPT)! They will be able to provide you with all the information you want and even take you to participate in a release of baby turtles (this is not a tour but an opportunity to join them when they need to do it).

Good to Know

Possible but not recommended. No lifeguards, strong currents.


When you are driving on the main highway from Uvita, just after the main entrance to the village of Ojochal, there is a bridge. You will simply need to take the first right after that bridge. Follow the dirt road until the end. You have arrived!

This is an unsupervised parking and beach. Be careful and never take any valuables with you. Leave them at the hotel and keep your car closed and as empty as possible.