beach and jungle in Uvita

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Enjoy a true and complete jungle adventure with this ATV tour perfect for families and thrill-seekers!

USD150 / per person

This tour will offer you some of the best views in all of Costa Rica! Enjoy a morning or a sunset tour onboard this fantastic and well-equipped catamaran to create some of the most amazing memories of your trip!

USD81 / per person

Discover some of the most ancient secrets and technics about chocolate and cocoa beans processing.

USD35 / per person

Need an authentic Costarican experience? Go up in the mountains to learn everything about the coffee-making process. You will be in great hands with Deiner!

USD30 / per person

For all true Nature lovers and those of you looking to go off-grid. This is your chance to experience something unique and explore one of the most spectacular places on Earth!

USD145 / per person

Horseback riding is a fantastic way to be in harmony with Nature and explore the jungle. An authentic experience not to be missed!

USD55 / per person

Take part in an adventure like no other! Discover the fascinating life of the mangroves or enjoy some snorkeling by the famous whale's tail beach. There is a kayak or SUP tour for everyone, whatever your level and whatever experience you are looking for!

USD70 / per person

If you like magic encounters and authentic landscape, this boat tour will be a highlight of your vacation in Costa Rica.

USD65 / per person

This National Park is a great opportunity to spot some wildlife and enjoy some beach time, all of that in a truly amazing environment!

USD30 / per person

Choose between the classic scuba diving or snorkeling tour to Caño Island, a whale monitoring adventure, a mangrove tour or the pelagic experience, and learn something while having fun and a positive impact at the same time!

USD120 / per person

Stunning and powerful waterfalls surrounded by the rainforest! A dream come true.

USD80 / per person

This is a unique experience for nature lovers looking for out-of-the-ordinary encounters: amphibians and reptiles enthusiasts will be delighted!

USD40 / per person